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Motorized Roller Shades in a master bath south Fulton Atlanta GA

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Motorized Window Shades

Atlanta Discount Blinds offers Motorized Roller and other types of Shades in the Milton/Alpharetta/Johns Creek area.  Book us today for your free shade automation consultation.  We have quite a few customers in those areas.  We have been in business over 16 years, and offer the highest quality window coverings at a competitive price.  

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Today household appliances and accessories operate with remote control using “Smart Home Technology”.   An extension to that technology now are Motorized Window Shades.  They are very popular and offer many benefits.


Smart home window shades

Motorized window shades open and close using a motor.  They do not operate with chains, cords or cordless solutions. You push a button on a remote, and the  shades will open or close in seconds.  There is no need to climb over furniture or up a ladder to operate them.


Remote control shades

This convenience is well welcomed.  With Smart Home technology, you can operate all your appliances remotely.  You can also operate your shades in the same way.  You can integrate them into your Smart Home system.  Systems such as Google Home, Alexa, and Apple Home Kit offer convenience and flexibility.  Every day, more and more homeowners are enjoying the benefits of smart technology.


Smart home shades

Operate shades with Alexa 

Motorized Shades can be Hardwired Motorization – wired directly into your home’s electrical system.  Or they can be powered by a rechargeable battery pack in your shade’s headrail.  Both systems use a remote to raise and lower the shade.  You can also use your smart phone to control your shade’s operation.


Hardwire motorized roller shades

Hardwire remote shades

Raise and lower a roller shade

Top 10 Benefits of Motorized Shades

1. Ease of Use

Large windows need large window coverings. To get the lighting you want, you may have to manually adjust these large shades several times a day. You may have to step around or over furniture, or use a ladder. Motorized shades don’t need to be operated by hand – only press a button to operate them.

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Shades for a large window

Motorized shades are especially great idea for homes with lots of windows. Having to manually raise and lower shades is time consuming.  Motorized shades come with remotes to operate many separate shades at once.  This makes it much quicker and simpler to open or close various window coverings. Also, your shades will move to the exact spot you want them to in one fluid movement.

2. Control Light and Heat During the Summer

It is important to control the amount of light and heat coming in through your windows during the hot summer months.   Remote control shades  can immediately control the lighting levels and heat coming into your rooms.  

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Control heat with shades

3. Integration With Existing Smart Home Systems

Smart Home technology is very popular these days.  Homeowners are controlling their appliances, lighting, televisions, and other devices using this technology.  Motorized Window Shades can even be operated using your Smart Phone or Tablet.  This is a wonderful convenience to the homeowner.

4. Security and Safety

Program your motorized shades to operate during certain times of the day. No need to worry about leaving the shades raised when you’re away from home or when your children are home. Programming your shades is also a great idea for when you’re away for an extended period of time.  Operating the shades throughout the day at certain times will make it appear that you are home.  This may prevent intruders from trying to get into your home.

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Program motorized shades

Motorized Shades are very safe for small children – kid safe.  You do not have the dangling cords or chains in your window frames.  This reduces the risk that a small child could choke on the cords.

Are motorized shades safe for children

5. Privacy

Motorized shades can make your home more private.

When it gets dark outside you can lower your shades for privacy especially with the lights on in your home.  You can put your motorized shades on a timer to ensure certain windows are lowered when night comes. Different material let in amount of light all the way to room darkening blackout shades.

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6. Uniqueness and Customizability

If you want to different from your friends you can tell everyone you have motorized shades. Automated window coverings are the newest advancement in the smart home world.  These shades are made from high quality materials and provide the latest fashions in window treatments.

They are very customizable, and you can choose from a variety of colors and styles. Blackout Shades are perfect for rooms where you want to reduce light such as media and entertainment rooms, master bedrooms and dining rooms.

Shades in a dining room

Shades in a master bedroom

Shades in my media room

7. Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation will add up over the course of a year — and especially over five or 10 years. Window coverings play a significant role in the energy efficiency of your home.  You can balance your home’s energy consumption by insulating and blocking light with motorized shades.

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Shades for energy efficiancy

8. Improved Home Value

Motorized window shades improve the aesthetic appeal you bring to your home.  These shades will help to increases your home’s functionality, and value.  Making your home smarter with home automation features is becoming more and more popular.

10. Protect Furniture and Wood Floors From Fading

Automated Window Shades will protect your furniture, wood floor and even art from fading due to the UV rays of the sun.  They allow in filtered, soft light which will slow fading and discoloration of your possessions. Program your shades to lower during the day when the sun and UV rays are the worst.

Shades to protect furniture

Shades to protect hardwood floors